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Dementia touches all of us. What you do about it is up to you

Dementia Differently™
Edye Hoffmann

Our experiences with cognitive impairment should be positive and constructive so we can live full and rich lives.

A dementia diagnosis can feel overwhelming. There’s too little information about what’s possible after a diagnosis and the news stories are too often scary and unhelpful.

You want to go home and live as normally as possible for as long as possible. It’s brave but unsustainable.

And there is no guide on how to do this well. (Don’t worry, I’m writing one.)

Are you looking for successful strategies to live fully with cognitive impairment or support someone who should? If so, you’re in the right place.

If you are living with or supporting someone with Alzheimer’s disease, other dementia or mild cognitive impairment, let’s work together to turn your experience around and plan for the years ahead.

What Clients Say

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“ By far our most important source of insight. ”

Daughter & Care Partner 2016

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“ You saved our lives. ”

Wife & Care Partner 2016

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“ We can't thank you enough for the doors you’ve opened for us. ”

Grandson & Care Partner 2016

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“ I cannot thank you enough for your suggestions, directions and very positive approach. ”

Wife & Care Partner 2016

Need a bit of help?

No one should have to navigate dementia on their own, even you.

Isolating yourself isn't the answer (and that includes skimming the Internet for tips on your own) even though I know it's tempting. It actually makes the dementia symptoms worse. You need a plan.

So, reach out, don't wait.

I work with families all over the world - giving them proven tools and helping them access resources to live a beautiful life that moves beyond the diagnosis.

My team and I are only a message away. We love to meet people like you who want more.

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