Edye Hoffmann Dementia differently.

Want to reduce dementia symptoms?

It's really simple, prevent dehydration. But, who wants to just drink more? Download my 6 tips to beat dehydration below and watch the difference hydration can make.

What Clients Say

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“ By far our most important source of insight. ”

Daughter & Care Partner 2016

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“ You saved our lives. ”

Wife & Care Partner 2016

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“ We can't thank you enough for the doors you’ve opened for us. ”

Grandson & Care Partner 2016

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“ I cannot thank you enough for your suggestions, directions and very positive approach. ”

Wife & Care Partner 2016

Let our advance worrying become our advance thinking and planning.
– Winston Churchill

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Need a bit of help?

No one should have to navigate dementia on their own, even you.

Isolating yourself isn't the answer (and that includes skimming the Internet for tips on your own) even though I know it's tempting. It actually makes the dementia symptoms worse. You need a plan.

So, reach out, don't wait.

I work with families all over the world - giving them proven tools and helping them access resources to live a beautiful life that moves beyond the diagnosis.

My team and I are only a message away. We love to meet people like you who want more.